Peppa Pig by Tine Skat

Hello everyone! Today I’m super excited and happy to share with you this little piggy crocheted by Tine Skat based on my free pattern. Tine thank you so much for sharing your Peppa Pig. I absolutely love it! It’s turned out very cute and I hope you have fun crocheting it )

Peppa Pig Crochet Toy

For all who wants to crochet Peppa Pig you can find all the links below

Amigurumi Peppa Pig – Part 1 Head

Amigurumi Peppa Pig – Part 2 Body

Amigurumi Peppa Pig – Part 3 (Ears, Tail, Cheeks, Nostrils and Eyes)

Amigurumi Peppa Pig – Part 4 (Arms and Legs)

Amigurumi Peppa Pig – Part 5 (Assembling)

And please don’t hesitate to send me photos of your amigurumies I love such kind of feedback from my readers )

You can send me photos of your little piggy by mail and I’ll post them in our Amigurumi Gallery.

See you soon for more free amigurumi patterns, xoxo

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  1. Im going to pick up the stuff for this so my MIL can make it for my little guy when shes in town. What weight of yarn and size hook did you use? I’m new to crocheting so not sure what is normally used for Amigurumi, hopefully I can make my own someday soon! Thanks for this great pattern and tutorial.

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