Crochet Stuffed Elephant Pattern

Hello everyone! Today I decided to show you one of my very interesting projects – amigurumi elephant. Why this crochet toy is so interesting to make? It takes no sewing at all just crochet work and some stuffing. At the end you have adorable elephant toy with very complicated shape and all done by hook. Wanna make one for yourself? let’s go!

How To Crochet Elephant

First of all the original name of this elephant is Padma and it’s designed by very talented Dawn. You can find her blog here

All the crochet process divided on 4 parts and you can find them here

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

I show you someĀ progress pics of my Padma elephant. The crochet starts from legs. Here they are four of them

Crochet Stuffed Elephant legs

Next goes tummy

Crochet Stuffed Elephant

Attach tummy to legs like this with help of single crochet stitches

Crochet Elephant Pattern

Time to crochet ears

Crochet Stuffed Elephant Pattern ears

and snout

Crochet Stuffed Elephant Pattern snout

continue crochet body of elephant and attach snout and tail with help of hook and sc only

Crochet Stuffed Elephant Pattern

you’ll get something like this

Crochet Stuffed Elephant toy

a couple more rows and attach ears.

How To Crochet amigurumi Elephant

stuff and finish your crochet work. Done!

How To Crochet stuffed Elephant

It’s not the most easiest of crochet patterns but if you like crochet, elephants and amigurumi you definitely have to try. I like this project and the toy elephant as well, hope you will find this pattern interesting and crochet one yourself.

Till next time xoxo

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  1. this pattern looks like a lot of fun to make. i look forward to making this very nice pattern. he will be a very handsome elephant.

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