Crochet Beret for Spring Bunny

Hey all! I’m really glad to say hi to all of you who loves crochet and amigurumi. Today  I will share with you Beret pattern for the Spring Bunny. Many of you keep asking me about this beret pattern, so here it is, have a good crochet time!

front post single crochet Beret

To crochet this beret you need to know how to make front post single crochet stitches FPSC.

FPSC – Insert hook around stem of st from front to back, yarn over hook and pull through a loop. Yarn over hook and pull through two loops on hook.

If you are familiar with them then go ahead and start crocheting. If not go to youtube for example and watch any tutorial according this stitch (front post single crochet) and here you are ready for the beret crochet as well.


  • Some yarn of your choice.
  • A hook.
  • A needle.

Crochet Pattern: Amigurumi Bunny

R1 : 8 sc in a magic ring (8)

R2 : increase in each stitch of previous round (16)

R3 : (1fpsc, increase) repeat 8 times         (24)

R4 : (1fpsc, 1sc, increase) repeat 8 times (32)

R5 : (1fpsc, 2sc, increase) repeat 8 times (40)

R6 : (1fpsc, 3sc, increase) repeat 8 times (48)

R7 : (1fpsc, 4sc, increase) repeat 8 times (56)

R8 : (1fpsc, 5sc, increase) repeat 8 times (64)

R9 : (1fpsc, 6sc, increase) repeat 8 times (72)

R10 – R12 : (1fpsc, 8sc) repeat 8 times (72)

R13: (1fpsc, 6sc, decrease) repeat 8 times (64)

R14 : (1fpsc, 5sc, decrease) repeat 8 times (56)

R15 – R16 : 56sc       (56)

Weave in the ends.

You are done!


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  1. I’m confused are your patterns using an A sized hook? If not then the hook size used in your patterns is missing.

  2. Thank you for this. Pity you didn’t post it yesterday was finishing a wee bee doll and was trying to find a different hat for her,but just made 1 as per pattern. Now I’ll just have to make another doll to fit this hat

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