Amigurumi Bunny in Hoodie (Free Pattern)

Hey all! This is the final post about Bunny in a hood. Below I listed all the 5 parts step by step instructions how to crochet amigurumi bunny in hoodie, hope you like it, enjoy!

And here they are some of my little bunnies wearing hoodie.

Amigurumi Bunnies in Hoodie

Want to see how looks like the first bunny I made 😉

Here it is

My First Amigurumi Bunny in Hoodie

I’d like to see your bunnies as well, xoxo

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  1. How did you sew the head onto the body with the hoodie on? Do you pull the hoodie down and sew the bottom of the head to the body through the hoodie, the instructions did not show how it was done. Thank you as this is only my second amigurumi.

  2. OMYGOD they’re all SO ADORABLE!! I SO LOVE bunnies and can’t wait to try out your bunny pattern, thank you so much for sharing!!:-)

  3. Wow, this little fellow is so cute.
    Thank you for sharing, it’s very kind.
    I will be making a couple of these in pretty colours
    Like yours. 😊

  4. Oh, these are just the cutest, Love the hoodies( I just did a snowman with a hoodie but not crocheted)
    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns, they are very easy to follow and your designs are just so darn cute,

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